About Mr. Sanjay Dhar

Mr. Sanjay Dhar is a dynamic business leader with invaluable experience of over 27 years in pharmaceuticals / nutraceuticals / cosmeceuticals / ayurvedic and herbal products spread across 50 geographies including middle east / africa/ asia and the Indian subcontinent. Mr. Sanjay Dhar in the capacity of a corporate leader, has been guiding his company to excel in it’s performances, help optimize it’s resources and preserve it’s intellectual assets. Mr. Sanjay Dhar is an Alumnus of prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM ) Ahmedabad.

For the last two decades, Mr. Sanjay Dhar has focused on natural products, new developmental formulas and business ventures. His background has included developing skincare / hair care / body care portfolios and has remained dedicated to herbal science.

Mr Sanjay Dhar is visionary, has served as a business development strategist in every aspect of herbal products space: sales, distribution, formulation creation, consulting, facilitating manufacturing and now the architect of a vision which has put Buzz Natural’s on a global platform. His mission is to join hands together across all geographies, help people embrace nature, so that we all are able to elevate our lives on daily basis.